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Please Open the below file with the experience of renowned homeopathy Doctor Dr. Shankaran on his patients in IRAN. Caphora 1M is expected to work very well in COVID-19 Cases. Below is their paper on the same.

BLOG 1 :- Different types of homeopathy practices ..

1) Therapatic – this practice is similar to alopathy, in the sense that instead of looking at the Constitution of the patient … The focus is on the illness.

2) constitution based – this is the most holistic approach as the patients constitution is studied in sometimes hour long case taking.

To understand what is constitution :

One person likes cold other like it hot .. one likes cleanliness other is careless … One chooses different reaction to the situation , whereas others reaction is different … All these factors defines ones constitution ..

As I mentioned in my earlier posts … Homeopath

y medicines increases your inner vital force to eradicate the deasease. The constitutional dose sometime allied with the Therapatic mix do wonders to get the permanent relief ..

Whereas the Therapatic dose alone may leads to suppression ..

How suppression works .. will let you girls and boys know in my next post ..

Till then .. stay focused , stay healthy !

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Blog 2 –

Followed by the topic We discussed earlier – Today’s topic of discussion is How Supression Works :

The alopathic or therapatic medicines may supresses the existing deasease,

which may reappear in later stage in vital organ of the body.

Homeopathy, which studies you and prescribes the medicine which suits your personality heals you without Supression.

Thats all for the day !

I will come up with the new topic next time !

will let you girls and boys know in my next post ..

Till then .. stay focused , stay healthy !

#Tampines #Simei #Bedok #littleIndia #Singapore #homeopathy #skindiseases #asthama #rhumatic-arthritis